Miracle Healing Testimonies

If you have a testimony in which the Lord used soaking music to usher in his healing promises please send them to me by email at thornejulian@yahoo.com so that I can post them here! Here are some of my own personal testimonies:

Sudden deliverance from depression awakens my desire to see God heal others

For many years I was oppressed by sadness and hopelessness and felt powerless and overly self-critical. Under psychiatric medication I briefly improved but symptoms returned and no change in medicine seemed to help. On the way home from a family vacation we stopped for the Sunday service at Bethel Christian Church in Redding, CA because I had heard that many were miraculous healed by prayer there.  I came forward at the end of the service to receive prayer from a young man who attends their ministry school..  "I can not love," I told him in a moment of insight as to the root cause of my depression.  He prayed to cast out the evil spirits afflicting me, snapping his fingers with the authority given to him by Christ. He asked the Holy Spirit to fill me with the love of Jesus. The heavy feeling of depression immediately lifted replaced by a quiet peace.  My family asked "Are you healed".  I was hesitant to answer right then but now, I know I am healed.  I am filled with love and joy! No symptoms of depression have returned since (nearly three years ago). I went back to my psychiatrist to tell him I no longer needed medication and, to my surprise, he reacted positively and suggested books on divine healing he had read as a young man.  It is from this deliverance that I trace all of my desire to see others healed supernaturally by the power of God.

I receive supernatural healing but still remain skeptical even so

In 2003 I twisted my knee badly while sledding and could hardly walk. A friend invited me to a special service at his church hosting Gary Partridge who receives supernatural words of healing from the Holy  Spirit.  I was highly skeptical but I went a few evenings later and sat in the back of the church though my friend wasn't there. I was surprised how low key Gary was - he simply called out a specific illness and asked that if it was your symptoms to stand and be healed with no further ado.  He called out my exact condition and circumstances and I stood. At that moment  indeed my knee no longer had any pain or disability!  My skeptical mind raced for an explanation without involving a miracle. "Perhaps", I though inventing a story, "I actually wasn't injured when I came for healing, but  had recovered slowly over time naturally, and then came to the service anyway just out of curiosity or because my friend had invited me."  Even though this was just a made up story my skeptical self chose to believe this rather than the truth of a sudden healing.

I go to pray for a friend and I am the one given a miracle healing

My best friend was in the hospital but I could not visit him because of a herniated disk in my back and extreme pain whenever I stood. Finally I convinced my wife to take me to see him in a wheelchair so that I could pray for his recovery.  It is eerie to be wheeled into the hospital in a wheelchair by my wife. In his hospital room, I read from the gospel of Matthew the verses describing Jesus calling forth miracles of healing.  My friend joins in reading from his Bible.  Suddenly he calls out that I am being healed and asks me to stand. I stand and there is no pain! How much I love my Lord Jesus when I walk out of the hospital when an hour ago I was wheeled in.

A miracle on the third day after prayer

A book on back pain suggests taking photos of your posture to see what needs correcting.  The photos show I am a mess with a forward thrust neck, one shoulder way low and one hip way high.  Moreover I cannot do a single sit-up which is also a back injury in the making.  A good friend suggests I visit his pastor who intercedes for miracle healing.  I tell him about all the posture problems and he prays for healing telling me it may take three days to see any effect.  Three days later, I wake in the morning and am startled at my image in the mirror. Something looks dramatically different. It is my posture which has been healed.  We take new pictures and compare to the old. My neck, shoulders, and hips have straightened.    I measure my height and overnight I am now two inches taller.  My daughter asks if I can do sit-ups and I say "let's see".  Within moment we see that I can now do many when before I couldn't do one. (Occasionally, now, one shoulder droops. Is this a bad habit?).

A midnight miracle with hardly even a prayer. 

It is late at night in a hotel in Lagos Nigeria and I am trying to sleep without resting on my left ear because I know that any pressure can create a terrible earache.  For twenty years I have had these earaches every few weeks or so.  I wake this night with a bad pain and realize that though I am on my back I have tilted my head to the side.  The thought occurs to me "I will need to ask for prayer about my ear, maybe tomorrow, because I can't stop from tilting my head in my sleep."  Suddenly, I feel like the inside of my ear is being manipulated by unseen forces as though angels were doing an operation on its condition!  The pain leaves entirely.  Since that time I must remind myself that I do not need to fear the return of the condition because I have a new ear.  For a while it took courage to sleep directly on the ear, but I knew I could, so I did.  Only once in the last two years was there a short return of a similar pain in my ear again in the middle of the night.  But I knew this pain was Satan trying to convince me that I was not healed. I called Satan a liar and the pain left.

When a cold is suddenly healed by prayer this too is a miracle

God's timing for miracles is so glorious

Our church is holding a Christian music festival in our local park when a good friend of mine arrives visibly very sick.  He has double pneumonia, can barely breath or stand and his coughs sound horrendous.  His doctor gave him strict orders to stay in bed, but he tells me that God has told him to come anyway.  Quickly, I ask "Can we ask God for your healing".  Surprisingly he says, "No, God tells me it is not yet time".  Half and hour later many in the park have seen how sick my friend is and are very concerned. I ask again if it is time for prayer and again I am told "Not yet".  Many more see the situation.  At last my friend says "It is time to pray.".  In the middle of the crowd I give him a big hug and ask in the name of Jesus for healing.  He is suddenly able to breath and not cough and exclaims with great joy that he is healed.  Our church cameraman catches some of this on video especially the great joy we have together in what the Lord has done.  My friend, who is 60, goes to play football with the kids!

Many more coming soon 3/20/08