Poetic Words for the Soul
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Prayerfully Language of Heaven angelic poetry
Forgetfully You Do Remember prophetic poetry
Disconnected Written Large devotional
Embarrassed Look Closely youth poetry
Waking Up Morning Prayer devotional
Analytical Solid State Transforms mystical poetry
Not Fitting Needle's Eye Christian poetry
Reaching out Meeting Place inspirational poetry
Needing Calm Eye of the Storm devotional
Needing Release Life as a Leaf poem of hope
Angry at War In the Beginning mystical poetry
Confused by the Trinity Lord You are One devotional
Loving the Father Father's Beard poem of hope
Seeking His Promises Sign of the Rainbow devotional
Frustrated Witnessing Speaking to and Atheist Christian poetry
Ready for a challenge Heaven Invades prophetic poetry
Shy Unique poem of hope
Evangelical And All the People Came prophetic poetry
Desiring Freedom Unexpected Whale inspirational poetry

I am the deep cello to your fiddle
And I will turn your fiddle to a violin
And then your violin to many strings
And the many strings to many strands
Forming a woven tapestry of your destiny.
I will turn your eyes away from what you lust for
and turn them to holy desires.

Here now the Holy sound of voices lifted up
Set on a bed woven by many strands
Each a beautiful voice.

Here how your prayers are each taken up
by this choir to be sung on the most high.
Your very prayers for the lost around you
are not lost.
They speed their way to the throne
Gathering a sheen as they fly.
Your very words of prayer
simultaneously sung in all languages
Even the language of Heaven.

So many times have you said to yourself "I forget"
"I am one who remembers so little"

But I say to you that you do remember.
You remember every little thing
that I had for you to see
Taste, feel and hear.
All those many years ago
I wanted you to learn of me
from every little thing.
To actually see Joy in all her surprise
To actually notice hidden glories
To be the first to discover them

To feel warmth in your mother's voice
A warmth that literally feels hot and cold
Together at the same time.

Today feels small
The past seems distant.
The future out of reach
Today is mundane
And picayune
A day for twiddling my thumbs
All thumbs
Where are the grand vistas?
The sense of wonder and awe - awestruck
Laid out before You - my savior.

I see a small drop fall
on the still surface of a mirror-like face of water
Small ripples now ride the water
At first a puddle, then a pond
A lake and now an ocean.
You say to me
Evey small puddling thought of yours I love,
I remember and
I hold in a vast ocean
Just as it was and just as it will be
Every thought takes a shape
Is a seed
Intersects and reflects
Starts so small and
becomes large with time
In Me what is small is written large.
On my face - don't look closely
I will be embarrassed by my blemishes
and features of little beauty.
Will you love me warts and all?
Or make mountains out of mole hills?

See me as mole and not a man.
A hole-digging, hole-hiding mole
Of a man.

See now the whole
The whole of a man.
This whole is too deep to
ever even see wholly.
This whole cannot be captured
by any judgment
any mocking description
or even by any praise.
This whole is made of infinite possibilities
This whole contains bot soul and spirit
This whole is made holy
By the Holy One
In whom every whole is contained
and brought to life eternal.
In the morning I put on garments of praise
I shed the old skin and put on the new
I clear away the dusty particles that cling to my face
I stretch away the sleep that has
frozen my body in a mold
I lift my voice and speak once more -
any hear again Your voice in mine.
An overwhelming gift each day each morning
Before the cock crow three times
I will realize with a start
That this day I have started well
Lord, I pray, this day
to finish well as well.

This is what it is to transform
It is taking your solid form that is weighed down
Bound to the earth
And transforming to a light gas able to be lifted up
Transforming all of you from material matter to energy
Transforming your form and your shape
To one shape fits all
For that is what unconditional love is
That your shape can match all others
To be able to transform to the key that fits any locked heart.

Today I see through the eye of a needle
I squint
I press in trying hard to make the small eye large

To see what lies on the other side
To know how it can be to be pulled through
Stripped of everything
Without the grief of loss
To shed all clothes
Without the shame of the naked
To take my tangled web
Of many strands and many schemes
And be made one
A single thread to be pulled
Through the single eye
A singleness of purpose
A singleness of desire
To be with You
In Heavenly places

I meet many people, many strangers, each day
Each one in their own world
With their own tinder-box of thoughts
That any small push will topple
People made of paper mache
Wearing ugly grins
Or beautiful tears
Now cast like a mask

How I long for the meetings to be meaningful
To be divine appointments
A meeting place of minds ready for mercy
A tending place
Meeting with tenderness
To be a fisher of men
With words cast out to others
That return like answered prayers
How I long where two of us are gathered
for a fleeting moment
To be rescued
To be taken to a holy place
Not painted into a box
With corners on every side
But in that fleeting moment
To connects as a touch
To feel a shower of warm rain
To know the other with tender understanding
And see in the other
Eyes seeking mercy and giving mercy
Offered to a stranger in a strange land
By a stranger in a strange land


Thank You Lord for Your calm
It may be a calm before the storm
But we are always in the eye of the storm
For your eye is upon us
with infinite immeasurable love and care
How care free are these days that are filled by your care
To give every care to You
To lift them from our shoulders
and watch them be taken by the winds of the storm
while we remain in the calm
Wherever we walk
so there too does the eye of the storm
follow and enlarge
For You move all things in Heaven and Earth for us
And make straight the path
For we come in the name of the Lord

Why sometimes are You silent
they say that silence is golden
But I love to hear Your golden voice

Helpless am I
Like a dead leaf on the tree
Fixed in place bound
But no longer connected to the branch
To feel nourishment from the roots
But still bound

All summer long I grew
All summer in the sun - green
Helping all the others to grow
But now I am dead - brown - decaying

Oh cold wind blow
I feel so little
Darkness come and shorten every day
For I can use the light no longer
Free me from this perch and
Let me settle to the base of my tree
Buried by mounds of leaves
In the great fall

Awakened by freedom
It is my moment to be
caught up by the strong wind
To be cast about
then lodged in the ground
There is a swirling and twirling
and hurling all at once
I have taken flight
To land I do not know where
in this brief fall
To land, to land ...

I am in the Stream!
Given new life
Not still at all but
Tossed and turning and twisting
Take me - take me
River of new life
To every rock half submerged
I cry - take me river so close
But I know
I will not be crushed or even hurt
Carry me forward with
Everything You have
Stream growing stronger as
Water flows in from all sides
Swift is the current
Swift and sure
Fighting with purpose to
Reach the sea

I a leaf growing deep in the forest
Rooted always in one place
Have been chosen
To reach the sea!

In the beginning was quiet
And out of the quiet came sound
All there was was stillness
And out of the stillness came motion
In the beginning was spirit
And out of the spirit came souls
Living souls
In the beginning was peace
And out of the peace came
A time for war and a time for peace
And still
Everything was good

Lord You are One
Lord You are One
Without beginning
Without ending
Always becoming
You have become
Lord You are One
You are One
Lovely in Your Loveliness
Holy in Your Holiness
Surely we have surety
that purely You are purity
Purely One
You are One
So where in One
Is the Three in One?
When we ask Holy Spirit come?
Do all of You come
Or just one?

God says "Rest in Me"
And confess in Me
And I will make known
This Mystery
Holy Communion are We
Holy in Union
Holy in Community
Father, Son and Spirit as One
Without beginning
Without end
Sharing everything
The breath of the Spirit
The life of the Son
The love of the Father
Together as One
And I say come
Come be as one
Be in Me
and then you will be
Be as One

I feel my face in the fur
Of the Father's beard
I feel so close and no farther
In the Father's hearing
Hearing my breath
And the beating of my heart

I see my face in the eyes of my Father
I feel so close and no farther
In my father's arms
Hugging my heart
And the dreaming of my sleep

I hear my voice in the voice of my Father
I feel so close and no farther
In my Father's song singing of His love
And the beauty of His child

I feel the peace in the peace of my Father
I feel so close and no farther
From the Father's kiss gently with praise
For His favorite boy

With my back to the sun
Facing to where the rain still falls
There shall the rainbow call
Dripping with sunlit fun

From out of the drizzle and the dampness
Following the storm and the lightening
This too shall pass with a sudden brightening
And a splash of colored happiness

Swinging from Earth to sky
Then down from sky to ground
So shall Your promises be found
Your beautiful answer to every cry

Speaking with an atheist
I lost my tongue
No slanty words came from my slanty mouth
No unspeakable words spoken
But my words were lost and I was mute
Unable to reach him for the Lord

So logical you are, my new acquaintance
So self-assured
So capable and well-dressed
And here I am
So often fighting with myself - the old man
The old crooked man
Clinging to faith to call
Me out of desperate straits and
Straighten my crooked path once more
And you,
my new acquaintance say
"Did not Peter invent Christianity"
And I can hardly respond

It is true - I say - that
Even when the disciples were with Jesus
They were quite clueless
But only when the Holy Spirit,
the Helper came to them
Did they understand

And I cannot think of the word
But only think of the word
So then I have little  to say.

Throwing caution to the wind
With every tooth and nail ready for the fight
With every hair raised on end
Knowing victory is in sight

Who says that we are too old?
Who says we are too week?
We can be fierce and wild and bold
We can run fast and smooth and sleek

Why dwell on how we've failed?
Why fear what we might loose?
Instead tell how we've sailed
To every port we choose

These are the days at last
When we are sent to claim the land
To free the captives from their past
To draw a line into the sand

No more will we just watch as lies are sold as true
No more will we stand by as the lost are shunned
The time for Heaven to invade Earth is due
And these the last days have begun

Lord You have fashioned each one of us
In your own image
For You are uniquely one
Even as I pray each word spoken
Stands alone.
Chosen for that time
Not by rote or by robotic circuits
But created from our bless and live together twosome
I pray for the love of my Father, my Jesus and my Holy Spirit
Uniquely They are three
Uniquely They are One
Uniquely He is One
Speaking with words, love and power
Teaching with thoughts emotions and callings
Seeking to finish each phrase
Begun in inspiration
Seeking to challenge with banners raised before us
With emblems embroidered
With flags unfurled
Wit our unique path set before us
Like a royal red carpet
Caught up be a blessing
And a miracle made just for me

When the people came
They came slowly
Each one trudging at first
And stumbling at second
Some were dragging there feet
Some were clutching and clenching
the dirt of the ground
Some were sinking - deeper and deeper
But all the people came

They came with hesitation
Each one blackened and smudged by pain
And worn by struggle
Some were spitting out curses
Some were fanatically
trying to stand their ground
Some were yelling - louder and louder
But all the people came

They came out of growing desperation
Each one seeing tunnels and seeing light
Some were sucking their thumbs but tasting salt
Some were shaking their fists but feeling stronger
Some were shouting - with vigor and more vigor
And all the people came

They came with knowing
Each one knowing they were called
And going in the right direction
Some were singing rallying songs
Some were holding hands in solidarity
Some were loving - deeper and deeper
And all the people came
And all the world was gathered
And all the lost were found
And all the prayers were answered
And all of God was here

We waited by the water's edge
Waited for a wave to come ashore
Large enough to tickle  our bare feet
And then lap up to our knees
Waiting, knowing that each wave
Has come from a great distance
Only to meet us here at the water's edge

When out of the  distant horizon
Came the unexpected
Something wilder then the repeated breaking
Of each and every wave
I saw the waterspout of a whale
And then the whale itself
As though my faith had moved a mountain
With longing I captured the moment in my heart
When it was as though the sea parted
And where there was only water
Now was lifted the cool dark and massive bulk
Of a jump for joy
A whale in motion with a song of freedom
And in that water transformed to solid
I knew that I too desired to be lifted
Out of this misty atmosphere that is our ocean
If a whale with all it's weight can be airborne
I too can reach a new realm
A place of glory
And be reborn airborne