Poetic Words for the Soul
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Seeking determination I Can Christian poetry
Back to the womb Liquid Love mystical poetry
Judging others The Pursuit of Happiness Christian poetry
Seeking healing Healing Arts healing poetry
Good morning Holy Spirit Awaken inspiratonal poetry
Waiting for Jesus Surprise healing poetry
Difficulty deciding Choices devotional
Thankful Amazing grace devotional
Reclusive Digging In. Digging Out poem of freedom
Difficult hospital visit Bedside Visit prophetic poem
Want action not words Holy Words healing words
Loving God You Are the Only One inspiratonal poetry
Need the Father, Son and Spirit My Heart is Broken in Three mystical poetry
Low self-esteem You Are You prophetic poem
Turning away from the past Turning inspirational poetry
Hopeful Hope poem of hope
Needing God's embrace I am an Island in Your Kingdom inspirational poetry

I can

I can't. I can. I can't. I can.
A constant refrain
An incessant buzzing
All about me
I can't

Stopping there.
Staying in the I  can't place.
The lacking place.
The fasting place.
Empty Broken Waiting

Waiting on the edge of everything I know
Letting the smooth strands of Your silken call
Touch me like electrical sparks of light
Like a whispered breeze of unseen wind
Like a voice of unlimited range
High and Low all at once
Like a moment that is too short
To think it has begun and ended
And too long to realize it has begun or ended

"I will. I promise in my Word. So in me you will"
Hearing Your voice soaking in to fill
All the empty space the angry words of self doubt
Drinking it in knowing
The comforting familiar taste
I will in You
The New me shouts with joy.


Liquid Love

Returning to the liquid fluidity from which we came
Returning to the womb of our birth
Bathed in the warm nourishing waters of
this ocean of creation
Created in love and from love
Created to be so fluid
To wrap Your goodness around us
even as we strike out and stray
We cannot punch a gash or any rip[
in the Holy ocean of Your love
For always You created us to enfolded
by Your liquid love

The many waters of the so many more than seven seas
The seas were stirred by Your presence on the waters
And all creatures great and small were formed
From the flowing liquid of emptiness
From the many waters of near and immensely far
From the boiling dust of new suns
And rolling tide of time and energy
Wrapped together in Your good plan
To make all things
To make all things perfect in Your love

The Pursuit of Happiness

So many people are seekers after happiness
Of the comfort of sitting with their back to the sun
And looking out to nothing but a wide expanse of an ocean view
Or of the exhilaration of going fast and yet in total control
Of receiving the "Yes I want you" glances of the opposite sex
Of scoring big and on purpose
"Life is too short to seek after anything else", they say
For there is no wasted time in the pursuit
of a slice of the pie with your name on it
A heaping serving with a cherry on top
"Spoil me. Spoil me in riches of happiness", is their cry.
Bring it on and they will dine with relish.

And who am I to judge harshly this single-minded pursuit
as not good for anyone?
Who am I to call another's desires temptations
For I too am a seeker after joy
I too am always seeking More.
More of You, Jesus, is my cry
The joy of knowing Your presence is my desire
Lord, how close are the ones
who seek pleasure for it's own sake to Heaven?
In these pleasures which You provide is Your will
Done on Earth as it is in Heaven?
If pain be banished from a person's life
By luck happenstance and the power of money
If every crisis and sickness be averted
By the best doctors money can buy
If a person be born in the lap of luxury
And never fall from that place
Do they know Your riches
If they do not know You

And yet they are fashioned from clay
And will return to dust.

Healing Arts

When I ask for healing
My body becomes an instrument that You play out
Your healing art on.
Not like the art of a surgeon
But like the art of the maestro
You improvise each repair
with sudden down strokes
and with haunting melodies
With peaceful quiet moments
and thunderous crashes of drama
All along we play the part of belief
Knowing that all along
we are witnessing Your creative art
Even in the pregnant pauses
When we are desperate to see healing finished
We remember the pauses are pregnant.


The Spirit moves on the water

and invites our spirit to join Him
To glide effortlessly following in His wake
To awaken all our sleeping parts
that we put to sleep thinking they were suffering
To ride on the waves
and to ride in the shallows
Seeing both as purposes of God
To lie awake wondering
Is this a dream?
This voyage that I am on
Or is it reality?

The Spirit himself calls to us in our hollow chambers
The cloistered shells where we set up household
He calls knowing the deep things of God
He calls knowing that we are not only chamber maids
We are royalty.
Given access to all chambers of the Father's heart

Come Arise
For there is the Father's kingdom to be One
and places to be seen
Places that lie now in a dreamless state
Waiting as though frozen, gripped
Places where your dreams can loosen
before decay sets in

And as the sound of rushing water fades
Take with you this memory of a vision
to your new day
And your new day serving Him.

I do not come like a thief in the night
to destroy

I come like a thief
to surprise
To surprise all the expectant mothers
and the expectant fathers
who have been waiting for the new age
to be born
To surprise with sudden discovery
that what you thought
were tears of pain
are tears of joy
To surprise the climax and the crescendo
that were not fanfares but requiems
To break the ordered intents of
rules and strictures
each iota of the code
a law unto itself
And substitute for these brazen idols
The wholeness of My blood
I come in every miracle
I come in every transformation of the heart
I come where
The Way has been made ready
For God


You chose my parents
You chose my family
You chose what paths would lie before me
You chose my walk in life
You chose my country
You chose the circumstances I would find around me
You chose to call me
I chose to head or not to head
You chose to show me
I choose to follow Your lead
You chose to reach Your hand out
I choose whether to take hold
You brought challenges to my strength
I choose whether or not to be bold

Lord, How many choices did I choose wrong and not the right?
Lord, How many choices did I not even see the choice at all?
Lord, How many times have I stumbled down blind alleys
hidden from the light?
How many times have I chose to shut my ears
and not listen to Your call?

You chose to care for me without a moments hesitation
You chose to love me unconditionally
You chose to make me in Your creation
You chose to die for me
So I could be free.

Free to choose You

Amazing grace
To see Your amazing face
Amazing sound
To hear worship
From Heaven reaching earthly ground
Each molecule is amazing
Every person is amazing
All creation is amazing
All of time is amazing

Amazing grace to see Your face
To be with You in this place
Amazing grace to hear the sound
Reaching from Heaven to earthly ground

Digging In. Digging Out.

I was squelched and I was squashed
Into a small hole
A rodent's burrow
And there I tried to love the darkness

I saw above me the light
The light from the burrow's exit
How I longed for the light
To escape the confines of the hole
To live out in the light in freedom

"You dug yourself this hole"
Said a voice I did not know
I was frightened and dug further
As I dug suddenly came my thought
"The voice was right"
"The voice is right"
I lifted my eyes to the light
I lifted my body out of the hole
Emerging like a moth from a cocoon
To a new found freedom
Bedside Visit

What a beautiful rose is Your princess Helen,
How she bears now the deathly veil as a bridal garment
Now she responds with grace
to the purification of these final hours
How frail she looks to the naked eye
With limbs bone tight
and whispers for words
But as a queen she decrees and speaks truth
As a princess her smile breaks forth from behind the clouds
You cradled her at birth
And will take her once again into your loving hands

(Note: after this poem was written Helen accepted Christ and her health improved and she lived another month).
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Holy Words

I want more than words.
Mere words, Only words.
But Your words are more than mere words
Your words, my God, 
are the fountain spring of creation
Your words are nourishment
and the foundation of all truth.
Your words are the "Let it be so" and the
"So shall it be"
In the beginning was the Word
These words of mine are
only echoes of Yours
Reflecting back so I can hear them
Again and again
Then come to know them
These words of mine
Like last words on a dying mans lips
My will and testament
They express all that is in me
They let a window open and
Even a doorway to
What is growing in me
Opening to all others
who are crying to themselves
For if I speak to them they will hear
and find words are their solace
These words are the signs that
rest is at hand
That what God speaks shall be
Now and forevermore

Like the first desert bloom

Like a rose on the moon

Like a song sung in Braille
In the dark cell of the jail

Like a last sun ray
At the end of the day

Like my love-whispered name
When I was alone with my shame

You are the color red
When all else is gray and dead

You are the strong bright light
When all else is black as night

You are the one flag flying
In the blast zone of fear and dying

You are the only one
When all else has been said and done


My heart is broken in three
Each part a piece of the Trinity

One part belongs to my Holy Father
This part fell further and farther

But where it fell He never abandoned me
For it fell on fertile soil like a seed

One part broke in the holy wind
Breaking with the blood of unholy sin

But when it burst His breath blew strong
And the seed burst forth in holy song

One part I give to my Savior Lord
It’s all I have, my heart, my word

A part once broke now whole with the rest of me
The tree of life is now my destiny


You are You

He says it’s true, the great I AM

He says it’s true, you are you

It’s not the call of I’ve got to be me

It’s not a call of vanity

It is His call, His call to you

He says it’s true, you are you

It is His acknowledgement of you

Never confuse the I AM who I AM

With His loving words to you

He says it’s true, you are you



To everything there is a turning

No way to bear deeper without the turning of the awl

Stride boldly forth we are told by the world

Be YOU, without turning back

But that way lies a precipice

That way lies a one way street

Of no return but over a cliff

For everything there is a time

A time of turning

A time when the seasons change

A time when the cold insolence of unforgiving winter

Melts into spring

A time when the youthful victory dances

Of those who seem to fly with vigor and speed

Are turned to the slower measured steps

Of a husband and wife truly in love together

In turning there is fear of what lies behind now unseen

Of what lies ahead unknown

In turning there is loss of what we leave behind

Once ours but now a stranger

Of where we were going, goals now set aside

But in turning there is repentance

For how we have trampled without respect

Trampled on holy images

Spit on others for little gain

But now we count such little gain as total loss

By facing our sins and failures we turn from them

And face again into the blessings

Now when we stride boldly

It is not to seek the sirens of this world who call

It is with the humble blessings of the meek

Whose boldness lies in an humble courage

Born of facing fears with God

Now when we go forth it is with the blessings of the pure

Washed by streams of tears and the turning of the tide

Carried without even a foothold in the past



Hope is not an unrequited love

Hope is a season of blessing

Hope is not a prayer that must be answered

Or it is not good

Hope is good unto itself

Hope springs eternal in
those who were born of hope

It does no feed on itself

but is nourished by every good thing from Heaven

Hope stands alone only

when all others are discouraged

And then it remains like an upright mast

that is spared the storm

When hope is victorious it vanishes

For when a joyful expectation comes to pass

what remains is joy but no longer expectancy

Let your impatience be transformed by hope

For then what seems a sullen waiting

will not seem like waiting at all

It will be, instead, a time of journey

in a beautiful land

When even the trials of the voyage become chapters

in a tale of adventure

Though there is present a sweet intense yearning

to return home to "Abba"

Let your hope be in God

For upon His will everything else rests

And in His great and good nature

We place all our hope


Oh Lord You see into me

Into me as though I am a window
Into the deep places.
Oh Lord You know me in the deepest way.
Call forth from there a joy
that knows no boundaries.
Call forth a spirit that cannot be quenched
By persecution or by misfortune.

How fortunate am I
To know Your call.
How fortunate am I to know true fortune.
Your gold.  Your silver. Your worth.
A fortune beyond measure
Worth all that I must go through
To find this treasure.

Worthy are You my Lord
So beautiful to me
Beauty invisible
Becoming visible to me.

The worship moments
The worshipper in true strength
Lies face down in the dirt
True worshipping from
Your strength.

Lord, call forth these moments.
God, sing them to me.
My Father nurture those things into me.
My Papa, nurture and speak to me
With your unseen but feeling love.

I feel at last.
I feel what was hidden  before
I feel like an island in Your kingdom.
I feel protected and embraced
In the sea of Your love.
Oceans surround me
Deep blue oceans
Of all Your magnificent creation.
Watery tears drying on my face.
Watery waves breaking on my shores.