Poetic Words for the Soul
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Uncommitted No Middle Ground Christian poetry
Seeking determination Enough Christian poetry
Angry at yourself Lost Journal prophetic poetry
Sad Shining star devotional
When a loved one or unborn child dies  Go into the Good Night bereavement poem
Ready to feel good Arise, Arise poem of freedom
What is hearing from God like? Hearing God's voice prophetic poetry
Distracted Spheres of influence poem of hope
Needing support from others Reinforcements poem of hope
Courageous to speak up Power words Christian poetry
Let it all hang out Dog is God reversed humorous poetry
Absent from church Come Christian poetry
Asking whether to pray for resurrection Resurrection Life bereavement poem
Questioning the death of a child Flowers of Heaven bereavement poem
Up and down Up and Down poem of hope
In a dry spell New Rains poem of hope
Free to dance Dancing prophetic poetry
Mystical Fluidity mystical poetry
Glorious The Story of the Glory inspirational poetry

A taking and a giving
A hating and a forgiving
Like black and white

Darkness and light
War and peace

Holes and cheese
Stark contrasts
Total opposites

Total extremes
Pulled apart at the seams
There is no middle ground
There is either lost or found
In the middle is a muddle
Bewitched and befuddled
A balancing act unstable
Like a two-legged table
The Zen of mysterious compromise
A recipe for disaster in disguise
The apathy of choosing neither good nor bad
Feeling nothing not glad nor sad
For we can choose to love with all our hearts
To stride boldly forward not in fits and starts
To take passion by the throat
To live - not regurgitate by rote
To sing with every once of breath
To praise God in every moment till death
This is what it means to be free
To cast of binds and to really see
Where the spirit within is leading
To know God's purpose for us: our meaning

When is enough enough?
When are the sick too sick?
When are the tough too tough?
When is the fire to hot but
When does it burn with heart?

I am not afraid to try
or to ashamed to fight
I've heard that pain is good
When it changes you for the best

But w
hen is enough enough?
When are the hurt too hurt?
When are the strong too strong?
When is the fire to hot but
When does it burn with heart?

I am not afraid to grow
Or too ashamed to change
I hear that God is good
and His plans for us are for the best

And if I could really know this that I've heard
And really know my Father's love
That would be enough
That alone would be enough

I am so heart broken to have lost your words
How precious they are
And I have been a fool to lose them
Everywhere I searched
Retracing every step
Asking each place for this little book
That in my memory is so large
For in it were Your words to little me
That I have lost
Anger, denial and depression
Over this foolish act of mine
Have dominated my emotions
I call out to You to restore what was lost
Will You forgive me for not taking care
of Your gift to me?
I am sore pressed and full of remorse
Can trust be restored?

"Oh my child it is I who have been foolish
For I have let you be fooled into thinking
 it is words themselves that are precious
It is not the words but your desire
that is precious
Your desire to be filled from the bottom up
with My Spirit expressed in holy words
Your desire to see others know the truth
To hear through new words what is true."
Shining star
I cannot pry you from the sky
For you in space are much too far
Darkened sky
I cannot paint you full of light
For in my grief i am not ready to try
Shining light
I cannot split your red from blue
For in my fear i have little sight
Darkened blue
I cannot swim in your blue ocean
For now my heart is not strong or true
Shining ocean
I cannot deny you were my mother
For in the womb you were my first notions
Shining mother
I cannot live apart from You
For You my creator are also my Father

Go into the good night

For what seems to be night from here
Is really a festival of lights
A festival where you can save me a dance
Go into that good place

A place where unfinished business will be seen
Not to be unfinished at all
A place where what passes for love here
Will be seen as merely
Passes and as preludes
For a love far greater
The all consuming
The all understanding
When all there is
Is you in God
God in you

Arise, Arise
Do not be all sighs
But blue skies
Loose your soft cries and
Arise, Arise

Stir your heart for worship
Stir your heart for praise
Surrender to His Lordship
In each of your days

Arise, Arise
No more sinful lies
No more compromise
Break the chains and ties and
Arise, Arise

Feel the Father's favor
In everything you do
Taste your Father's flavor
It's pure, it's sweet, it's true

Arise, Arise
No more sinful lies
No more compromise
Break the chains and ties and
Arise, Arise

Hearing God's voice

All of a sudden you know
An intuition that on reflection
Feels so right
As right as faith
And questions
Of why do you think that?
Seem out of place
Out of mind
Not based on a
half-forgotten suddenly-remembered
Not based on anything but
Rightness - the truth

I am all too familiar with
Cocky self-righteous judgments
coming from my self-serving mind
But these sudden intuitions are
as true love and have no pride
They stand on their own
without need for validation
or agreement.

In this way they are intimate.
Coming as gifts
As secrets
Between you and God
that can be told
without ever
their secret

I just want to be seen with you Lord
Everything else seems so complicated
With influences and confluences
With expanding and then popping
spheres of influence
Of each so-in-so
Not knowing but deciding over me.
Of emerging facts and attractions
Shouting "I am most important"

However, how I am with You
As You see me
Is surrounded by a sphere indeed
A sphere like a halo of light
A golden globe of Your glory in me
A perfect sphere
Not like a boiling bubble
abutting against all and every obstacle
But as royal gemstone
Each face and facet
Perfectly cleaved
By Your hands.

Oh my dearest Father
My dearest one
I write as though in a letter
Sent from a war torn land
By a soldier in the battle
Writing of my longing to be home again
And not on this front line
Where there is a ghastly smell
of enemy bombs
All to familiar are the black cinders
of fragmented shards
of our good battle plans
Blown up by enemy actions.

My Dear Father
Send reinforcements
Send the mighty men
that wait for your command
Send those who are already spoken for
They are the ones who have sworn
"Send me?"
They shall come
and every eye shall turn
Every tide shall turn
All thoughts like missiles
Heat-seeking missiles
Will seek out the enemy and
destroy it's position.
We will see the hopelessly sick
return to hope.
We will meet the homelessly lost
in the street
And they will return to their
Safe places.
We will find the aimlessly defiant
And they will be given air
And not swear off
what You have for them
But swear to follow
Their new commission:
Send, Call, Urge, Inspire and Restore

Words for the poor
They are not my words
They are rich words for the poor
That they may know
the riches You have for them

Words of pardon
Words of promise

Words are not just words
When spoken out loud
With Your power
With all of Your intention
Without any lost meaning

Like a song that is sung
on a million lips
Taken up like a tale
told as testimony in
Every small circle of friends

We wave our glorious flags
to fan this torrent of Your words
Spoken with immediate truth
Of things that are and
Things to come.

Of the waiting times
And the receiving times

Of the best of times
and the worst of times

Call me with Your very words
Let me hear in them
where the times are going
When You send me
Where I am going
When You call me
What I am knowing

"Stand up and walk"
Said Jesus to the lame
"Stand up and walk"
He says even now to me
Perched with one leg unwilling
to go forward
And the other trying to retreat

Stand up and follow as
sheep follow the young lamb
that is the Lamb of God
The young lamb reborn
new and spotless

I follow without doubting the young
For in Your youth their is
An ageless knowing
Of everything that is good
Before and

Dog is God reversed
But not upside down or backwards

But inside-out
For do not dogs let all their love show?
Never a moment of holding back
Or ruminating on thoughtful compromise.
Only on the leash and muzzle
By command
Is there any restraint on action.

How fierce a dog's faith
and how still and simple the inner life
But how lavish and loving the outer!

You have been a long time absent
Where you thinking that absence makes
the heart grow fonder?
That your presence in absentia was
like a well-wishes greeting card
sent by long-distance mail.

But we say come
And make yourself known
And make yourself at home

Let your fears fall away
and step across the threshold
Too long you have had the prideful mark
As last of the hold-outs

As pride comes before a fall
Fall in line and
Come across the line
Drawn so many years ago
And drawn
For you to choose to step across

Resurrection Life
As I sat by the fire watching
the burning embers die out
Feeling the fire's warmth depart
And the chill of the evening come in
Somehow I knew
There were to be no other logs
For this fire. This night.
To rekindle the blaze would be to stir up
An unholy fire
That this evening had come to
a peaceful and restful close.
Good Lord, I do not feel the fire's warmth
any longer
But I still feel Your warmth.
And You say,
In your heart of hearts
That is where the warmth of this fire
lies now.
The passionate burning you feel there
Is not to be put out
Even by a flood of tears.
As I sat by the fireplace
Now seemingly cold
Suddenly, I heard the sound of
Many fires burning with intense light!
A roar of joyous heavenly worship, I heard
The roar of the all-consuming fire
That never dies.
Flowers of Heaven
My child,
You feel that all around are seeds of destruction
That may grow into strangling vines
To pull you down by the ankles
Or from behind.
But I, your Lord, will prune the vines
To put everything in good order.
But Lord, You say You prune the branches.
But what of Your children that are cut down
in their youth?
And I say, as I prune the branches
I clip for my garden the finest flowers.
Do not be always sad when
a bouquet of flowers is taken
From this earthly garden
For I have transplanted their fragrance
to a Heavenly garden.
And every day, as I walk in My garden,
The flowers bow before Me
And it is beautiful.

Up and Down
One moment high.  The next is low.
One day without fear.  The next, look out below.
Today I climb to the mountain top
The next I trudge and I must stop
Where is staying power to run the course?

Where is my faith that Your plans are good, of course?
No struggles with every twist that turns
my thoughts and mind to how it hurts and burns
No lonely moments feeling suddenly alone
No jealous thoughts claiming every gift my own
I love Your winds of favor blowing me ahead
On every pleasurable thing I am more than fed
But now I see dark clouds are here again
A storm to pass thru like a lion's den
I fix my eyes on You as I go forth
A beacon in the storm of unsurpassing worth
I am off the roller-coaster of up and down emotion
An on to the playground merry-go-round in a blur of motion
Like kids in the schoolyard that fear to join the fun
But leap on to the spinning wheel and it is done
Once I am on the world around is blurry
With my friends in a separate world without worry
I see them clearly and hear their shouts of joy
A Hallelujah chorus of "Oh Boy! Oh Boy!"
And in the center of this spinning wheel of friends
A place of stillness and of love without end
In the center is my God, my Rock, my Lord
No up and down at all, but solid as an anchor in the storm.


New rains
When will the new rains come?
I am parched by this dry season
Too long has my walk in the fields
stirred only dust clouds
Stinging the eyes and causing
spasms of coughs
Isolated by this dusty cloud
I cannot even see the ones I love

When will the season of refreshing begin?
My thirst yearns like a cistern that is empty
My dry tongue cleaves to the roof
of my
and no words come forth
even in prayer.
Sweet prayer your taste will be honey
to my cracked lips

When the rains come first

They come as tears
My crying
though salty not sweet
Releases the dry spaces
Releases emotions into motion
Breaks thru isolation into
Between the dusty swollen feet
of a lost traveler
And the loving caress
of the man Jesus
who would wash them
Wet only by tears
And dry them with His hair.


Dancing in Your sanctuary
I whose limbs are usually by my side
Was suddenly able to leap and bound up
Up and lifted to another place
Where joy abounds and
Joy leaps

And when I praised You on my left side
With new dance steps of Your devising
I praised You on my right side
with the same

Each step has its turn
Spontaneous yet
In perfect order
Each step dancing closer to You
Where angels fear to tread
You have led me
To dance with the bold warriors
To dance with now emboldened angels
To dance with calm assurance
That if I do not hold back
I will not be held back
Form knowing
Your Kingdom of Glory.


Returning to the liquid fluidity
from which we came
Returning to the womb of our birth
Bathed in the warm nourishing waters
Of this ocean of creation

Created in love and from love
Created to be so fluid
To wrap Your goodness around us
Even as we strike out and stray
We cannot punch a gash
Or any rip
In the Holy ocean or Your Love
For always You created us
To be enfolded by Your
Liquid Love -
The many waters of the spirit
of flowing passion
The many waters of the
So many more than seven seas
The seas were stirred by Your
presence on the waters

And all the creatures great and small
Were formed
From the flowing liquid of
From the many waters of
Near and immensely far
From the boiling dust
of new suns
And rolling tides of time
and energy
Wrapped together in Your good plan
To make all things -
All things
Perfect in Your love


The Story of the Glory

Can we plumb the depths of the glory of God?
On the high seas in a glory storm
Can we even cast an anchor?
Or can we ever even sink beneath the weight of glory
There You are even in the depths
Why do You laugh with a deep laugh?
Nothing is caught in my throat
For from my belly I laughed with You
We gather here to share stories – good stories
Shared around a campfire
The fire rises
The light rises
The warmth rises
Up arching over all
Stretching the heavens
A morning stretch at the very beginning
An evening stretch around the safe circumference
Of the light of the campfire
Stretched until the heavens were opened
And wrent and You descended to us
Your substance is so thick
No matter how stretched
It is not stretched thin
For each Universe of You contains
Enumerable worlds